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Monday, May 15, 2017

K, L and M Day

For Kindness Day we made cards for local veteran's who will be attending the Old Glory Honor Flight. We included drawings of the various American Symbols we've learned about in Social Studies. We're excited to spread kindness to some local heros! 

We had a blast on Love the Outdoors Day! Thank you to Edenwood Ranch, The Fish Hatchery and all of the parents who helped make our day a success! 

For Movie Day we're enjoying Charlotte's Web! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

H and I Day

Hat day! 
Ice cream day was a success and the class favorite so far. Here we are creating our own sundaes!  

Monday, May 8, 2017

F and G Day

Here we are wearing our favorite colors for F day :) 
 We had a blast on game day! We learned how to play Headbands, Sorry, Tangram Osmo and a classroom favorite...Math Jenga!  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

D and E Day!

Today we had fun digging in the dirt AND exercising! For dig in the dirt day, we started a new science experiment on the needs of plants. We started by making a list of all the things that plants need to grow. Then we planted six flowers. We are giving our first plant all of the things on our list (sunlight, soil, water and clean air.) The remaining six plants will get either no sunlight, no soil, no water, no air or too much water. We are looking forward to seeing which plants grow-we made some great predictions! For exercise we did some Zumba and Yoga today. 


A, B and C Day!

We had a blast kicking off our ABC countdown! On "A Day" we made an art project to introduce our new science unit on the sun. We squirted paint on our suns and spread the paint around using plastic wrap. It was messy, but fun! Brewer and Badger day went by so quickly, that I forgot to snap a picture-whoops! Career day was also a success-thank you to everyone who dressed up.