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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Earth Day T-Shirts

My Environmental Science Class is teaming up with Tamara Wheaton's Digital Manufacturing Class to offer the opportunity to purchase "Earth Day T-Shirts" this year.  We would like to make this an annual activity we participate in to help spread environmental awareness in our schools and community.  This year's design was actually created by a former student here at WHS, Jose Overbeck and was "remastered" for lack of a better word, so it could be digitally utilized by Preston Miller's students.  Earth Day is April 22, which this year is actually a Saturday, but we will embrace that day in our classes on Friday, April 21 and give mother earth an assist then.  

It would be fantastic to see our students at all levels have an opportunity to support the cause, so any efforts to collect and return orders is greatly appreciated.   All orders and appropriate fees must be returned to me by Thursday, March 30 so we can order the shirts we need so that Tamara's class can print them in plenty of time for us to distribute for Earth Day.  

Thank you for your assistance  in this matter,
Craig Panich

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