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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We're 100 days smarter!

Here we are enjoying some 100th day activities! 

Guatemala School Supply Drive

Dear Riverview Families,

Our school is participating in a drive to raise school supplies and basic medical supplies for children and families in need in Guatemala.  We are encouraging students to donate supplies from the list below.  Students should bring them to school and place them in the appropriate drop off bins.  Riverview is taking donations from February 8th-19th.  Anything you can give is much appreciated!  

School Supplies

Ziploc bags in snack, quart, 1,2,and 2.5 gallon sizes                     popsicle sticks
pipe cleaners                                         ½” prong paper fasteners
glue sticks for glue guns        paper plates
24 count crayons                                                                            8 count jumbo crayons
12 count colored pencils                                                                pencil sharpeners and erasers
one and five subject spiral notebooks                                            speckled composition books
2 pocket folders                                                                              children’s scissors                                        12” rulers (metric on one side, preferably metal)                           10 count broad line markers
red wide-tip markers                                                                       red, blue and black pens
construction paper                                                                          #2 pencils
white glue

Medical/hygienic care Supplies

Unisex deodorant        large bar soap
adult and children toothbrushes                                               large tubes of toothpaste
adult multivitamins                                                                 children’s chewable multivitamins (NOT GUMMIES).
Benadryl  caladryl lotion            children’s pain reliever/fever, cough, cold or sinus meds multi-symptom meds for all ages decongestants adult and pediatric
diarrhea/nausea meds dosage cups and eyedroppers for liquid meds
epi pens eye and ear drops (antibiotic and non-antibiotic)
gauze squares powdered medium or large exam gloves
hydrocortisone cream infant vitamin drops
adult and children band-aids alcohol wipes pregnancy tests prenatal vitamins throat lozenges including sugar free
tongue depressors individually wrapped wound care supplies of all types, including tape.

Medical supplies (Expiration date later than March 5, 2016; acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, antacids, tums, zantac; antibiotics for adults and kids; amoxicillin, ampicillin, bactrim, Keflex, cipro-generics are fine; 81mg aspirin,

Thanks for helping the cause!