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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reading: We have been talking about changing the middle vowel in words, as well as the ending of words. We have also been practicing contractions. 

Writing: We have finished up our narrative unit and have started a unit on explanatory writing and informative writing.  

Math: We are learning how to tell time! We are currently learning about half hours. 

I now have 18 little helpers that watch the clock and tell me when it's time for recess, specials, etc

Social Studies/Science: We finished up talking about how vibrating objects produce sound. We will now be talking about magnetic properties. 

Here are a few updated pictures of what's going on in our room! 

Here we are learning about common and proper nouns. 

 Here we are making up our own math story problems. 

 Here we are making clocks to help us learn how to tell time. 

 Here we are learning more about contractions. We did a contraction egg hunt! Thank you to those who donated eggs to our classroom! We sure enjoyed this activity! 

 We found 18 contraction pairs! 

 We found 13 contractions pairs! 
 We found 14 contraction pairs! 

 Enjoy the 4 day weekend! 

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